ACV ETech S 240 Floor Standing Electric Combi Boiler

ACV ETech S 240 Floor Standing Electric Combi Boiler


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ACV ETech S 240 Floor Standing Electric Combi Boiler

E-Tech S ETECHS240 High Efficiency Electric Combination Boiler
  • Quiet operation.
  • No flue.
  • Reduced maintenance (no landlord certification).
  • Can be used as a stand alone water heater.
  • Modulating element input.
  • Flexible installation options for flow and return connections.
  • Integral primary heating sealed system kit and circulating pump.
  • Small footprint enabling compact installation.
  • Integrated controls.
  • E-Tech Technical Data.
  • E-Tech Installation & User Guide.

For electric to succeed, it is vital that every watt of input finishes up as useful hot water and heating. The new range of E-Tech S Tank-in-Tank thermal storage units is designed to do just that. The E-Tech S benefits from the clever integration of the stainless steel Tank-in-Tank technology with an equally advanced electric boiler control system. Cupro incoloy elements within the primary water provide the electrical energy.

An inner stainless steel hot water storage tank drawsheat from primary water circulating through an outertank which is heated by heavy duty elements. Asthey're immersed in primary water only, the heatingelements are unlikely to be affected by scaling andinput to them is modulated by a dual stage thermostatto reduce cycling and load switching. The specialdesign of the inner DHW tank not only helps ensurescale-free operation, but also avoids the sedimentproblems that plague conventional cylinders. To fullyutilise generated energy the Tank-in-Tank unit iswrapped in a generous 70mm of polyurethaneinsulation.